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Nic Armstrong Music at Big Cartel

“mean, lean, original” - THE DAILY MIRROR “Knife-blade-treble guitars and the vengeful crash of the early Who and Kinks” - ROLLING STONE “a talented songwriter - a truly exceptional singer” - THE SUNDAY TIMES "pretty special, man” - NOEL GALLAGHER, OASIS “Nic Armstrong brings the fuzz and bubblegum in spades…the song writing is so strong.” - PASTE “the music he produces is something very much alive, vibrant and of this century” - FREE PRESS HOUSTON “fuck me, who's this chirpy sod?” - NME “Melodies so instant they could arrive in a jar.” - THE GUARDIAN “an antidote to the narcissistic early twenty-first century ‘scene’” - THE OBSERVER "inspirational” - MOJO “Armstrong has such an easy way about him; his songs are short and catchy, with a fuzzy abandon that's never abrasive… from another dimension.” - AV CLUB, THE ONION “Check him out: It's no lie...his debut album is great" - DAVID FRICKE, ROLLING STONE “Noel Gallagher became a fan and invited [him on tour with] Oasis...toured Europe and the UK with Paul Weller...did [two tours] with the Pretenders, catching the ear of Rolling Stone's David Fricke.” - AUSTIN CHRONICLE “fuck, I want to do tunes like that” - MILES KANE “scratchy, lascivious blues” - NME

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